Twice Friendzoned forever shy

Ok here i am in the friendzone again 🙁 how did i end up here? what have i done wrong this time ?,
this are the questions I ask myself, and then I conclude I have definitely been cursed or its karma from a past relationship according to a friend .
Unlike the last time, I did things differently or I think i did, I told her right from the start what my intentions where, I reminded her every time that I wanted to be more than a friend and I was always there for her.
So it seems whateva u do if the friendzone is where u are destined to be then nothng can stop this from happening. What do u thiink guys? any suggestions on what I could do


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  1. Used to end up in the friend zone all the time cos I’m a typical nice guy by nature….. Till I discovered that there’s a backdoor in the Friend zone that leads to the Friends-with-Benefits zone….. Now I don’t even bother asking them out again…… It only has to happen once, in a moment of weakness… And it’ll become a default part of the friendship… Hope you find this useful

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