I started having sex early around 16 by age 17.


My second child is not my husband’s. He belongs to my lover. I’ve been married for 6 years and i’ve been seeing my lover for 5 out of those 6years.


I was having issues with my life and business a couple of years ago, so in my desperation I listened to false advice to visit one of these Cherubim churches even though I am a member of a bible believ


I shoplifted in target 3yrs ago in USA, was caught went to county jail and I was illegal. Eventually, I came back to Nigeria, got married and applied for visa to go give birth but was denied.


I’m a 35 yes old single mum of a 14 year old girl. I have one older brother and a junior brother. I’m in the middle, an only girl. We are from three different fathers.

Me and my bosses

My body count is about 30, I’m 24 and married already.


I never knew the guy I dated for close to one year, the first love of my life, the man who dis-virgined me and I also had a child aborted for him after much argument of him telling me to keep the chil

Sinful desires

My ex left me and married another woman. .. After a year, I got married. .. He still came back and I have slept with him once and still craving for more… We still love each other.


I assaulted a 4 months old boy. I can’t even say it. It started when his mother left him in my care. I started kissing him and his lips got swollen.

I am sorry

I had an affair with my friend’s husband. She was away on a 6 months course and my abusive marriage had just ended.


I’ve been a bad girl, and I used to think I didn’t have a conscience, until it awoke last week.

Judge all you can

I’m a young lady of 25 and a medical doctor but I have so many life experiences at just 25.

God Forgive Me

I got dis-virgined at the age of 15, had an abortion at the age of 17 and did not know who the father was because I had 3 sexual partners at the time!!! I am 22 now and I have had sex with roughly 22