I need a link

Dear Admin, How do I reach out to the writer of this article? “LOVE & PASSION SAD! SEXUAL HARASSMENT BY NIGERIAN LECTURERS IN UNIVERSITIES”. Kindly send me his or her contact please.

Didn’t do anything in my life

I spent all my time in twenties stopping my brother from killing himself and trying to make him stop taking drugs, then tending to my youngest brother because he was too little and my mother didn̵


I started having sex early around 16 by age 17.


My second child is not my husband’s. He belongs to my lover. I’ve been married for 6 years and i’ve been seeing my lover for 5 out of those 6years.


I was having issues with my life and business a couple of years ago, so in my desperation I listened to false advice to visit one of these Cherubim churches even though I am a member of a bible believ


I shoplifted in target 3yrs ago in USA, was caught went to county jail and I was illegal. Eventually, I came back to Nigeria, got married and applied for visa to go give birth but was denied.


I’m a 35 yes old single mum of a 14 year old girl. I have one older brother and a junior brother. I’m in the middle, an only girl. We are from three different fathers.

Me and my bosses

My body count is about 30, I’m 24 and married already.


I never knew the guy I dated for close to one year, the first love of my life, the man who dis-virgined me and I also had a child aborted for him after much argument of him telling me to keep the chil

Sinful desires

My ex left me and married another woman. .. After a year, I got married. .. He still came back and I have slept with him once and still craving for more… We still love each other.


I assaulted a 4 months old boy. I can’t even say it. It started when his mother left him in my care. I started kissing him and his lips got swollen.

I am sorry

I had an affair with my friend’s husband. She was away on a 6 months course and my abusive marriage had just ended.


I’ve been a bad girl, and I used to think I didn’t have a conscience, until it awoke last week.

Judge all you can

I’m a young lady of 25 and a medical doctor but I have so many life experiences at just 25.

God Forgive Me

I got dis-virgined at the age of 15, had an abortion at the age of 17 and did not know who the father was because I had 3 sexual partners at the time!!! I am 22 now and I have had sex with roughly 22