The mistakes of our youth.

Below is a comment I read on one of the popular Nigerian blogs:
“My dear friend would have been alive today if I did not encourage her to abort a 6 weeks pregnancy. I thought I was doing her a favor and being “sharp”. Every thing went well in that hospital but 3 days after, she began to bleed and that was it!

Thank God that I’ve found Christ and obtained forgiveness but each time I remember her death, I get goose bumps. I remember a nightmare I had a week after her death; she was weeping in a very dark and hot enclosure with broken bottles and the piercing cries of babies non stop. Please don’t judge me but pray for me . . . and yourselves ladies “that we make good choices while we live. Amen”

I am older now. Clearly, my youthful years will be over soon. I would be a middle aged man with memories of things I did, should have done and didn’t do. I may be haunted, may miss or may smile depending on the memory that crosses my mind.
Most of us have done some dark things we wish we didn’t do. The comment above is a clear example of an advice that should never have been given. Assuredly, it’s a memory that the writer will be faced with till she departs this earth.
The bible in Ecclesiastes 12:1 says “Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”;”.
Life can be noisy. As you grow older, the chase becomes more pronounced.  From only thinking about good grades and impressing our peers or that other cute kid, we now think of a raise, a house, a car, a promotion, keeping up and raising kids. Life becomes much more complicated. The simplicity of our youth is continually missed. The sad story is a lot of people complicated their youth with mistakes they could have avoided. Life then becomes a continuous sad tale.
We cannot turn back the hands of time. We can’t undo the events of the past. However, we owe it to ourselves to forgive ourselves for making such choices. We owe it to ourselves to forgive those who set us on the wrong path and complicated our youth.
It’s hard to forget the wasted years. The lessons from your mistakes should save the person behind you. Are you passing these lessons on? The mistakes of our youth could do someone good. It could change a life, save a life and repair a live. Don’t let your story be untold. Young people keep making the same mistakes that ruined the lives of people before them – sex, drugs and ungodly pursuit of money. Haven’t they read or seen that there is no gain in these things? I’m appealing that today you share your story – set someone on the right path!


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