I shoplifted in target 3yrs ago in USA, was caught went to county jail and I was illegal. Eventually, I came back to Nigeria, got married and applied for visa to go give birth but was denied. Hubby went with me and they asked me about it and he didn’t know anything about this. He asked me and I told him it was a friend that stole and because I was with her I was arrested as well. He doubts the story. I’ve asked God for forgiveness and I know I’m paying for what I did by staying in this country. All my siblings are over there. I regret what I’ve done.

I’ve slept with 2 of my best-friends’ bf. I dated one and the other was company who turned out to be a good friend and one of those naughty male friends you have. I didn’t exactly have sex with him, but we kissed and talked dirty, he sends me nudes and I do the same. I’m not ever gonna sleep with him cos I’m not into him, but he’s a friend, tho i don’t talk to him that often, and he’s no longa with my besty, cos he’s married now. She doesn’t know I occasionally talk to him and I feel bad cos my besty never forgives. I love her with my life but this secret is never coming out cos even if we r old and dying and she finds out, she will never forgive me.

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