I’ve been a bad girl, and I used to think I didn’t have a conscience, until it awoke last week. Now my story goes, I started sleeping with girls at age 12, right from secondary school days. It got so bad that I slept with a couple of female youth corpers sent to our school including my school aunt who was also my guardian. Besides, I went to FGGC owerri. I practically slept with over 20 girls in sec school. Then I got into uni, and it became worse. I was like a woman eater. I slept with girls at will, slept with friends and sisters, did 3somes and 4somes – all with females. Choi. Then in 2012, my mum’s sister came in from d U.S. She’s a widow, and told me how she had been lonely and all, and bam! I started devising a means to sleep with her, and it happened on a cold night. I sucked her until all the juice in her dried up. Last year, she invited me to America to visit, and all we did was fucking, I ended up fucking two of her daughters (my cousins). The icing on the cake started early this year, when I started fucking a female pastor in this Abuja. She’s the wife of a prominent man of God, and if I mention their church most people will know. The woman is fire on bed, and this is a woman who was supposed to be counselling me on behalf of my mum. Abeg make I stop here, hand don dey pain me. This is just but a few. My life has been filled with lesbian sex, that I don’t even know how to come out of it. And I have a fiance who would move the whole world for me. Sad much.

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