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Sad! Sexual harassment by Nigerian Lecturers in universities

A popular Nigerian blog posted a story about a student who is constantly being sexually harassed by a lecturer in her school with the threat of being failed if she does not accede to his request. The comments on the blog is very saddening. It’s sad that things have gotten this bad and no one is fighting it. Some of the comments are posted below.

I will never forgive Engr.Ajenikoko of Electrical Engineering in Lautech o.He was asking me out, failed me in EEE231, EEE232 and EEE200. Kai asked for money(20,000) in 300 level. I gave him and he still failed me. At 400level, I went to register and he asked for another 20k or he sleeps with me. I gave him another 20k and the bastard passed me in EEE232, left EEE200 and EEE231. Another 20k and tears while begging him in 500 level, the foolish man passed me in EEE200 and left EEE231. Because of him, I had an extra semester and the school increased the school fees from 6k to 40k during my extra year.I couldn’t tell them anyone at home. All the proceeds from my marykay business money went into the extra semester and I had to finally sleep with him during my extra semester just so i can graduate as he didn’t want my 20k again. 60k and 2 fucks he received a week before exam. He then called me on the day of exam at 5am to come to his office early morning for another round as my exam was first paper in d morning on that his stupid couch in the office that will explode on his dick one day. If its the last act of wickedness I will do, I will hunt Ajenikoko down soon.My God will never forgive him for the pain he caused me. Stupid man with body odour.Eewww.
I think there should be a unit in each school/institution handling this kind of matter,a strict unit that will not be on the side of the randy lecturer,a unit that will give fair hearing and judgement.It pains me everytime I remember. I curse him. I am brilliant and would have passed the exam in one sitting if not for him. MCB 201 that was a more difficult exam, I passed with 63B in one sitting.Oloriburuku somebody,oloko dogi dogi.


So, I got admission into one of nigeria’s uni, I met my lecturer/course adviser the very day I went to pick up my admission letter. He. Asked me a few questions about my myself, background and family, told him everything and He was extremely nice and friendly! We became friends and always look out for me. I. Was happy too that my lecturer/course adviser is my friend. Later, dude started asking me out. Telling me how much he loved me and admired my decency etc. If he wasn’t married, he would have proposed to me! He’s supposed to be a christian o! His wife and kids pics (no earrings, makeup or retouched hair) in his office tells they should be strong Christian. I turned him down all tru 1st year and half 2nd year in school. He bacame bitter and cut me out. Fustrated me till I gave him! (Am supposed to be a christain too o!) I was cursing him all tru. Really felt bad about it. We did it d 2nd time too! Then asuu strike. I rededicated my life back to Christ during this strike and I don’t wanna indulge in it again! I know he’s gonna ask me again when we resume back to school and I dunno what to do or how to be bold and tell him to go hell.



My lecturer, dr uchechi chijoke, optometry department, absu. Only God would judge you. I cannot write my story here because I have used defensive mechanism to forget what happened and writing it would only open a wound that is healed on the outside but still fresh and bleeding inside

I am currently a victim, his name is professor joe osewenke. he is university of benin, maths department. the course adviser for part time final year students, he has showed me hell and he uses his friends to deal with. I am currently repeating the same level cs he has refused to validate my registered courses. so I had no result, I have recorded conversations but I don’t know who to meet with them. that department is so corrupt and everyone is looking for his favour cs he is a high man. I dnt knw what to do when sch resumes, if I probate again I will be force to withdraw. may God help me


I got fondled by a lecturer in final year for taking and PASSING a course but in the wrong semester. I was in final year, the fondling and groping of my mammary glands was an agreed precursor to engaging in coitus the following weekend. I stood there making promises, he trembled rubbing my boobies then ran to his computer like a fool and made the required changes. He never saw me again, he was a dumb northerner. Am I ashamed today, ehh not really. Do I hate the bastard, darn right. Was there a something else I could have done at the time, no. Can I do something now, no. Nigerian lecturers are bastards, I hope they all rot in hell. Nosey


Dr idowu philosophy department OAU,God will continue punishing you for me,for putting me through so much pain ,my God will put you to shame,d same thing you did to me they will do it to ur female children,your generation is cursed and you will die a painful and shameful death.


Godwin Azenabor, Philosophy Department University of Lagos Akoka. Such a randy old fool, it was my first year in school and I went to sign my course form alone. What did I know. This man asked me to start dancing for him in his office. I sensed all wasn’t well and told him ill be back, that’s how the torture started. He will be giving me bad looks during classes and pick on me, I couldn’t tell anyone Excpt GOD. I avoided him like a plague, he came to class unannounced one day and as I try to put my phone away he stormed at me n seized my phone. For Uni. I was shocked, I went to his office and confronted him that I had had enough, lecturers n passerby tried to calm me down. Enitan God bless u wherever u are saw me and dragged me off, this lady told me to forget the fone and azenabor if I wanted to graduate. She then removed the sim from her fone and gave me her fone saying I shd hv it if the fone was my prob. I fired prayers like crazy calling his name n d course. He came to look for me on d day of d exam. Found wer I was seated. I changed my exam room. Scribbled as fast as I cld. Put my docket in my pants and submitted my paper Befr he cld locate me agn. As he saw me leaving he tried to chase me down d stairs and told d security to go after me. For wer. I came prepared. Dem no catch me. He was pained. He gave up and Oh I got a B, I’m a graduate today Btw. GOD GOD GOD helped me, when I tried to involve Karo Ogbinaka there wasn’t mch he cld do, My frnds used d situation agnst me sef. When I passed de sd I slept wt him. Na me know the midnyt sacrifice I carry in form of prayers.


Mr Anthony Hungbo at yabatech Quantity Surveying dept did samething to my gf,he wont mark her scripts whenever we do tests and assignments,he would rather write “See me” at the top of her script.the poor girls felt so depressed,and this same idiot will come to class and will whoever has issues with any lecturer should contact cut the long story short.this same mofo happened to be her project supervisor and wouldn’t relent in pressurizing her,he later fucked her anyways.he lives in Festac,i haven’t seen him after my days at yabatech,i will surely injure him if i should set my eyes on him any where in this Lagos!


Running ma master programme experiencing such Na in unilag.If e continues with DAT his advances I have already strategize ma plans to set him up n disgrace d old stinking disgusted man.the sight of him sucks badly…..let me keep his name in d dark cos he is going to shock him dey tink dey can intimidate every tom,dick n d time am done with him e will surely run weneva e see any tin in skirt.
N.B He is a mgt science lecturer.He is also a Dr….Stella will definitely keep u updated wen am done with him.Dey make student go thru hell after buying textbook, pay appreciation fee all sort of payment n yet he want tohtoh am going to laced it with aradite so e will stick dia.




If any of these stories are anything to go by, imagine how much harassment goes unreported. I can only imagine what happens in work places. It’s time for us to enact laws to protect women from being preyed upon.


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  2. Azenabor,dept of philosophy, unilag, faculty of arts, first floor. Also the ICE coordinator unilag, such a useless man. He made me had extra year cos of a lady I wasn’t even dating. Don’t worry Aze, nemesis is around the corner. #pay bck# dooms day# revenge.

  3. I think there’s a solution to all these rubbish. Mark them for assassination one after the other. Make sure u leave a note that spell out who the next target should be on the falling animal. Bet it, they will go into hiding.

  4. I am glad someone mentioned Godwin Azenabor.that bastard has abused students for years. When he was a course adviser,i went to his office to sign my course form and he groped at my boobs and brought out his short stumpy dick that I should get down and suck….thanks to my class rep who knocked at the door.oloriburuku, mashanfani…..I HATE you….you will die a slow and painful death.

  5. @John
    It has become a common experience in many school and work places. I do not think the law protects the females enough. They are easily preyed upon and sadly,are gradually evolving with wrong attitudes to triumph over their predators.

  6. My heart goes out to all the females that have been sexually violated;The main Issue here is, despite the fact that they have all the details, and some do have evidences to proof their claims,nothing can be done to bring these bastards to book? That show how sad the system has become; My advise to every female out there is to be smart, try and get some concrete evidence to establish a formidable case that can be pursued,it might be in the form of cellphone conversation recordings,pics,videos, etc. Whatever, as you are aware in a court of law,they would need such to effect a conviction.
    We know the decay in the system, but it´s worth a try, rather than submit yourselves for nothing. And the justice system must do more to bring these sexual offenders to pay dearly for their crimes;unfortunately sexual crimes are not taken seriously in our system; what a shame!

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