Ranting about cheating

“You don’t have to have sex to cheat. If you find yourself deleting texts, you’re probably almost there.”

“Anybody who is ‘proud’ to not be a cheat is retarded. It’s like being proud of not being a murderer. You just don’t kill people and you just do not cheat. There’s no other option, or reason you should be proud to not be a scumbag. ”

You just don’t cheat!

I just don’t understand how people can cheat. How would you willingly chose to be responsible for causing pain to someone else? How can you say you love someone and then go ahead to cheat on them? It is pathetic.  What are you still doing with him or her if you don’t respect her/him enough not to sleep with another behind her back.

It’s sickening having a little one at home and still going to get it outside from someone else who isn’t your wife. And to all those ladies who enjoy sleeping around with married men, I sincerely hope karma gets you.

How stupid does it get knowingly loving a married man? Is it the sex or the gifts or the shit he tells you that he cannot tell his wife? Do you fucking think he loves you one bit? Are you proud being a side chick or labelled a hoe by other guys? Don’t you think you are worth more than that?

How can you pledge yourself to someone and still go ahead to cheat on him? Are you happy with the lies you tell him?

I know I’m just ranting. Guys and girls cheat like all the time. It has become the new normal. We do it with glee and joy. We have perfected different ways to cover our lying, cheating asses. From multiple phones to heavily passworded accounts, we have become smarter than the devil himself. I would be a liar if I say I have not been tempted to cheat. It stares you in the face all the time. If you know you want to cheat, why not break up with the person you are with and move on to the new one? It’s just wrong!

How do you look at the one you say you love knowing what you did behind their backs?

This brings me to another matter… forgiving cheats!

tumblr_mmqtbuK5si1r264fro1_500“I’m sorry, it was just once”…. “I was drunk and didn’t know what was happening”…”I don’t love him, it’s you I love. I have no feelings, it just happened” and so on…. A cheat will always have something to say about what happened, playing the victim. I get mighty pissed when someone tells me that her partner cheated on her (especially when they are unmarried) and he apologised and they are back together. Are you that pathetic that you feel you won’t find someone else who loves you or respects you? You may get back together but before you get back together, kick his sorry ass away. He doesn’t deserve you in the moment. You can do without him! Accepting his apologies only guarantees more apologies when the same thing happens in the future.

What if you are married? Kick his sorry ass away too. You don’t need a man to complete you unless you are needy and dependent. If you are needy and dependent, you need to work on yourself while his ass is in the cooler. People should not get away with treating you like shit especially when you know you have given your best to make them happy.

If you are going to cheat on me, then get out of my life. I don’t need or want you in it. Love is not supposed to make you a fool.


2 Responses to “Ranting about cheating”

  1. I understand all uve said n i agree that cheating is wrong on all levels buh on the other hand what exactly do we describe as forgiveness really? Is it conditioned to certain errors and for some its impossible?
    Lets take marriage for example…u said to leave if your partner cheats…i dont agree….because first we are humans and thus not perfect(that not been an excuse to cover all wrongs) but i mean we do make mistakes from time to time. So ild say forgive but if it happens repeatedly its a sign that the person involved doesn’t love you as he/she has professed.
    The meaning of love has become distorted…lets take a hint from 1cor 13

    • I think I would agree with you – Forgive. However, the forgiveness should not be borne out of a feeling of loneliness or being advanced in age or helplessness but based on the depth of love you have for the person and the person being repentant (broken for his mistake). Forgiving an unrepentant cheat is a waste of time!

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