Random Thoughts – Rising above your roots.

Some are born privileged. Enlightened, loving and fairly wealthy parents have shaped their lives. Many are born into dysfunctional families, raised by toxic environments. This write up is for those who have become prisoners of their upbringing, who have been limited by the choices of others, who cannot shine because they were raised to love the shadows and those whose lives mirror that of their parents who never did well.
You have two choices you can make – do nothing and continue the life you are used to from birth or refuse to be like everyone around you and do something about it. It is easy to feel helpless when circumstances feel beyond your control. It is easy to accept your fate. Mediocrity is easy. It requires little or no effort to move downhill, zero effort to remain at a position and considerable work to go uphill. You cannot hate your present circumstances and assume your actions of yesterday will get you out of it.. You need significant energy to get moving and that energy doesn’t come by being passive.
You want to rise above your roots? You want your life to be better than your parents? You want to change your story for good? Then you have to work! You have to feel the unease. What books are you reading? Who are your friends? Who are you talking to? You want to get to the top of the mountain? Leave the valley. Fight the war.
Life ordinarily is difficult. Without making any effort, the challenges of living can be overwhelming. How much more when you want to go against the natural order? It is more difficult. Your roots define your altitude. The foundation of a building defines its height. You can’t be comfortable and expect to rise above the limits which you had no hand in setting. When the odds are against you, you need to give it your all. This is the only way to rise above your roots – give it your all. You cannot afford to be complacent. Do away with the failure habits.


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