I was having issues with my life and business a couple of years ago, so in my desperation I listened to false advice to visit one of these Cherubim churches even though I am a member of a bible believing church. The head shepherd who attended to me sounded genuine and most of what he said were similar to what I was going through. I was told I needed a river bath to get rid of the spirit man that was causing obstructions in my life.

The next day we drove all the way from Lagos to somewhere after Agbara where there was a bridge, went under the bridge to the river and I was first prayed for while holding a bunch of burning candles, then, all the clothes i had on were torn off, then they rubbed me with ash mixed with palm oil all over, before I was asked to enter the river to wash myself while praying for deliverance. After everything i wore new clothes, was sprayed with some funny smelling perfume and incense and we returned back to Lagos where I dropped them off at their church and gave them more money in gratitude.

On my way home in traffic, till this day I dont know how I hit the car in front of me, badly denting my car and breaking my headlight. After we settled the matter, I continued home crying loudly all the way. This was me that had driven accident free, for over fifteen years only for this to happen on the very day of my supposed deliverance. As soon as I got home, I locked myself in my room and cried out to my God to forgive me for taking matters into my hands and not trusting in him.

The shepherd called variously but I never took his calls until one day a few months later when he called with a strange number. As soon as I heard his voice, I changed mine and asked who he was. He told me he wanted to speak with me, but I told him sorry, the person you wish to speak with died 2 months ago. Since then, he stopped calling.

My situation got much better after I did personal praying and fasting, crying to God in faith and till this day, I have never gone to any Man of God for and special prayers for I now know, whatever I ask God in faith, He will do.

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