Me and my bosses

My body count is about 30, I’m 24 and married already. Before marriage, I slept with my boss in the office (hubby suspected cuz he does come work for my office and he saw the way the man was looking at me). I denied it sha. Slept with the man till the day before my traditional wedding. The man is good in bed sha. He gave me money, changed my car and made me feel secure in the office. I loved him and I miss him so much but I’ve promised myself that I will be faithful in my marriage but it’s so damn hard seeing my boss everyday and i know he still wants me and I do too but i don’t want to have a guilty conscience in my marriage bcos my hubby is good too. I love hubby but I love my boss too cuz my boss is so nice and he’s not vindictive or jealous, doesn’t take advantage of me, gives me anything i want but i can’t keep seeing him. i was also sleeping with my boss in my former workplace but he was terrible in bed and also stingy so i left the work and left him too. still calls me till today. I have had 4 abortions, 1 for one married man i was dating last year but he was too clingy, always wanting sex but he wasn’t even there for me for the abortion so i left him and he was begging and crying like a little child, i was so pissed cuz he was even a broke ass sef, 3 other for past boyfriends. i never had a 3some and lesbian sex even tho i really wanted to but it didnt happen and now i have to be a good girl for my hubby cuz hubby has sacrificed a lot for me, he’s faithful to me and he truly loves me. its really hard to be a good girl with so much temptation everywhere and I’m gona try my best. it’s like marriage made me have even more toasters and i’m trying so hard to block them out but they are so darn persistent. Hopefully hubby’s love will continue to help me to be faithful.

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