Ladies, make up your mind!

Are you one of the girls who wants to eat her cake and have it? You want another single guy but still hold on to your boyfriend. You don’t want to cheat and yet you don’t want to let go? You say you love your boyfriend but spend time with the other dude, sending conflicting signals. I have a message for you: MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

You can’t keep stringing on an innocent guy like he’s your play thing. The innocent guy could be your boyfriend or this new dude who wants to win you over because you seem to be giving him the green light.

Make up your mind! If you don’t intend to stick with your boyfriend, then let him go… If you sincerely want to keep what you have currently, then stop giving this new dude signs that screams I am confused about my current relationship.

You are a selfish person if you keep at it. Make up your mind! Stop wasting other people’s time. Time is a precious commodity that once lost can’t be redeemed.
Are you enjoying the attention from two different dudes? I may even be understating your wickedness; it may be more than two dudes. Stop it!

You are pretty and its no fault of yours that the guys keep coming. It’s your fault, however, if you hide the “No vacancy” sign in your life or you show up an “undecided” sign and you sincerely know you don’t intend to break up your current relationship.

What if you feel he’s not good enough for you and you want to see if the new dude is better? Then let him go or talk it through with him so he can work on areas he is failing! Stop toying with people’s hearts. Stop being selfish and greedy. Stop thinking about me! me! and me! Stop it. There is no use. There is no point.

Why are ladies scared of making up their minds? I really don’t know. Honestly, I don’t think they need to make up their minds as often as they seem confused. They are the culprit in letting the confusion come in. You say you love your boyfriend, why stay up all night talking to another guy? If you are sure he is just a friend, would you feel free telling your boyfriend about this late night gists? Few months down the line, this young man comes and tells you he loves you. You then become confused. Why didn’t you mention it to him on day one that you had a boyfriend you loved and cherished and you cannot see him as more than a friend so he should not entertain such thoughts? You say its not that easy. It freaking is! If I come at you and you give me reason to keep coming at you, I will keep coming at you until you are at the point you need to make a decision. If I come at you and I hit a brickwall, I sure aint coming back, I’m moving on.
Many dudes move on when they see they are not making a head way. Few weeks down the line, the lady starts complaining and asking questions about why he should move on cos she obviously misses him and wants him in her life even though she has a boyfriend. Isn’t that green light enough for the guy to keep trying? Why isn’t she clear with him that I like having you as a friend but if you are not content being a friend, then get out of my life? She is avoiding making up her mind.
Ladies, please make up your mind. Stop wasting his time…


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  1. Wow! nice write up , this speaks to me and am sure a lot of Ladies out there, nice work and thanks for the reality check. this is exactly what I need .

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