Judge all you can

I’m a young lady of 25 and a medical doctor but I have so many life experiences at just 25. I have slept with many men, hmmm! I dated a married neighbour for 3 good years and to think his wife and kids were my friends but she later found out I apologized and moved on. I have had a threesome with my bestie and a guy. I have had lesbian sex with my friends severally. I have slept with married men, I have had 3 abortions between 2008-2010 so I opted for a coil now. I’m engaged and about to wed a full package guy who loves my footprint. I’m presently dating a Senator who loves me deeply and spends madly, he shows me to every damn person he’s 60 but I love him too and don’t care. It’s been long I last had a lesbian sex so I watch porn and concentrate on the women’s pussy and breast it makes me wet. Here’s my story, you all can judge if you want.

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