It’s the journey that matters!

Life is like a vapour. It fades away. It would be over soon. What’s soon? It is relative. Soon could be tomorrow or it could be 50 years from now. Our dreams, ambitions and hopes all lay in the arms of “soon”. This is why it is essential not to procrastinate because your soon may come in the next minute and it would all be over!
How then should you live your life? The answer to this question will never be complete without an understanding of the purpose of life itself. Life’s meaning differs for different people. It could mean being wealthy, it could mean serving God, it could be meaningless or it could mean service. The purpose of Life needs to be clear before a decision can be made on how life should be lived.
I’m not an old man. In fact, I would say I have not lived life to the fullest. Am I qualified to tell you how life should be lived? I doubt! 2015 is around the corner and I want to tell you how I’m going to live my life.
I would read widely. Everyday would be the continuation of a book. The impact reading books have cannot be overstated. It has shaped destinies, changed lives and transformed nations. It has been a catalyst for uncommon development. 2015 is a year I intend to accelerate my quest for knowledge buried in books.
I would exercise more. I would engage in a sport – any sport. I would push myself to learn. I would learn to swim, learn to play tennis, get off the couch and find the time to run. As I develop my mind, I would develop my body. Exercise has been shown to be beneficial to brain. It is essential I use everything that is freely available to develop myself.
I would chase God. I have realised that my life has no meaning outside of God. I have lusted after the world and I’ve found no peace. I cannot find peace outside of God. 2015 is a year of focus. God first, everything else is secondary.
I would build relationships. These relationships are not to be cultivated for my benefit. These relationships will be designed to bring smiles to the face of others. I’ve realised I’ve been put in a position where I can be a blessing to numerous people. I cannot afford to live for myself. 2015 is a year I would be devoted to living for others.
I do not know when my soon would come. I have no idea when it would all be over. It is possible it comes tonight. It is possible it is 70 years from now. This is why it is necessary I do not wait for 2015. I need to act now. You also need to act now. It may be over soon. The number of years do not matter, it is the journey that matters.


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