I am sorry

I had an affair with my friend’s husband. She was away on a 6 months course and my abusive marriage had just ended. Her husband had been hitting on me from the first time he met me – just before he married my friend. I never told her and she never suspected. I am the kind of person that gets along with everyone so she found it quite normal that I would visit her home and spend hours on end chatting and laughing with her husband whether she was home or not. The affair happened 6 years later. It was quite brief and the man in question capitalized on my vulnerable state of mind. Of all the naughty things I’ve ever done, this is the only one I regret. I can’t tell anyone about it, I deliberately caused a misunderstanding between us so she won’t ask me to visit her anymore. I am ashamed of myself! I can’t continue to be in her presence and I don’t ever want to set eyes on her husband again. I pray that God forgives me because normally my friends’ boyfriends/husbands/ lovers are off limits but this one happened in a moment of weakness. I ended it and I really regret it. Married men are taboo to me now. They aren’t worth the trouble. They leave you with nothing but regret and a guilty conscience. J, I might never find the courage to tell you what happened but I’m really sorry.

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