I started having sex early around 16 by age 17. I had my first abortion by age 20 I had my second abortion and by age 24 I had my 3rd abortion my second abortion was done by a quack she didn’t do it well dere were still some inside me I wanted to die was in pains n even while in pains I didn’t tell my mum I had an abortion she later took me to our family hospital it was dere d doc told her I had an abortion he then did it properly for me my mom cussed me out n we had to keep it as a secret from my dad. Right now my whole life is a struggle I can’t really say I’m making any success story and I’m trying so hard to have a better life at 26 I hav no bf no fling no sugar daddy I’m completely broke don’t hav a penny to my name its really a sad life can’t really remember the last time I was genuinely happy cux frankly the way my life is set up right now dere is nuttin to b happy about also struggling to complete uni can’t even afford tuition fees and other fees too hav resorted to doing runs cause money isn’t cming from anywhere even the runs isn’t cming mayb once in 3weeks and the money isn’t all that encouraging I’m really trying to have a better life hv fasted and prayed cried myself to bed its like God has forsaken me cause it’s even hard getting help from pple I pray God forgives me I just want a better life I’m tired of struggling some girls don’t even struggle to get anything *sighs* have gone through a lot right now have been told not to even abort if not I might not have kids in my life cause all the abortions hav had are twins and each time I abort dey keep getting mad at me *spiritual things* I just want God to have mercy on me am slowly getting frustrated and depression is starting to creep in n each time I go out I always pray I don’t bump into any of my mates many whom are married or doing one thing or the other and me I’m just broke no money to my name no boyfriend trying hard to graduate next year its bin one hell of a life I just need my life to turn around for good . help me Lord no one can but u
that is my confession I’m a sinner lord pls forgive me and have mercy upon me I hav suffered enough I wanna experience genuine happiness and love in my life

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