I never knew the guy I dated for close to one year, the first love of my life, the man who dis-virgined me and I also had a child aborted for him after much argument of him telling me to keep the child,the man everyone thought we were going to settle down together all because of how strong and lovely our relationship was going. I never knew he was a married man of 8yrs with two sons. There wasn’t any room for one to suspect his status cos he played his card well, even as smart as I am I did not find out.. Tho his family were in another state.

I later got to find out thru his wife that called me one day to blow out..I was shocked to hear her mention my boyfriend name as her husband and asked me to leave him for her oo (Jesus, I shock).This is someone his parents and siblings knows me very well and my family knows him too.. Anyways,I later set out a meeting with her(his wife),and apologized so well that I never knew he was married. The wife was so happy and was like, she doesn’t blame me cos her husband looks so young and one could hardly believe that he is married. As for the foolish so called boyfriend, I confronted him and he took time to agree and later told me he doesn’t love his wife.. I gave him the dealing of his life for breaking my innocent heart and depriving me of other suitors. I later left him for my God to deal with him in His own way…Upon it took almost a year for me to agree to him when he was asking me out..

It’s 2yrs now, but I have soooo moved on and forgotten him.. Till today, my friends and family don’t know the true reason of our breakup..Naturally,I am a very secretive person.
Thank God I’m in a better hand now (I did lots of underground investigation on this my current boo, now my soon to be hubby..Bcos I no fit shout for the second time.. Lolz).

I just pray God has forgiven me for the abortion cos I still regret it till date..

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