Love & Passion

Can you love someone forever?

Can love last forever? Can the butterflies dance all the time in your tummy? Can your face light up every time for the rest of your life when you see the one you love? Can one person continually provide life’s meaning? Can love survive the challenges of life? Can love last forever?
I wish the answer was as clear as daylight. You could just turn to the person by your side and make some inquiries – he would have a story of love that he once felt. Where did those feelings go? Are we designed to love in a finite manner? Marriages are over in weeks. Relationships have become an avenue to fulfill our bottled up passion and lusts.
I had dreams of love. I saw love as a never ending reality. I thought the words “happily ever after” should apply to everyone. I don’t think differently today but I have doubts. I’ve seen so many relationships end. I have heard someone profess crazy love today and so much hate tomorrow. I have heard unprintable words directed at former objects of love and adoration. I have seen lovers who hold hands in public and are at each other’s throats in the confines of their own house. This love thing increasingly seems like a gimmick.
What has being your own experience of love? Is it a never ending tale of beautiful feelings or memories of the past?


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